1. Are gender numbers kept even?

    All play parties consist of mainly couples (M/F), playmates (M/F), and for every confirmed Swingle lady, an invitation is offered to a screened Swingle male.

    Swingle males are asked to attend an Intro Night and are invited to add some flavour for swingle ladies and couples too.  Please also respect that Swingles are just as nervous as you are and flying solo so please be friendly!

  2. Do we have to dress down at the door?

    Kimmi's does not ask it's guests to dress down at the door, or to get naked at any time.  You're invited to bring that sexy little number or costume to change into if you feel comfortable, and ready to own your pleasure.

  3. Do we have to play?

    Play is a bonus, not an expectation.  The party is exactly that - a "PARTY”! What you do is up to you, there is NO pressure to do anything besides holding a drink and a conversation. It's important to know and respect your boundaries as an individual as well as a couple.

  4. Do we have to put our keys in a bowl?

    In a word, NO!

  5. Do we serve food and drinks?

    BYO alcohol, mixers and coolers;
    Ice and glasses are supplied;
    Party nibbles are provided and late night pizza usually arrives around midnight;
    Please have sufficient dinner as this is a light supper;

  6. How to stop unwanted attention?

    You are the only person who can make the decision as to whether attention is wanted or unwanted. Do not go into details as this may offend - but a simple and polite reply of "We are OK thank you" is usually sufficient.

    Please handle unwanted attention in a polite, but honest manner. In my experience people who attend parties do not want to upset or make anyone feel uncomfortable.  Anyone hearing that they have crossed boundaries should be grateful because:

    1. The person is honouring themselves, their rights and their body;
    2. No one wants to play with someone who is uncomfortable in the moment;
    3. People who only say yes to be polite - is not beneficial for them or you;

    If you experience someone expressing that their boundaries have been pushed/crossed - 'Thank you' is the only response. Thank that person for honouring themselves.  

    Anyone who thinks this is the time to attempt to coerce play please know that this behaviour is totally unacceptable and this is to be reported to Kimmi or one her Angels immediately - it's important this is handled on the night!

  7. Is everything clean & hygienic?

    YES, the playhouse is cleaned thoroughly before and after each party. All bedrooms have spare clean linen and a laundry basket. We strongly ask that you leave the room how you would like to find it.

    If you spill or break something please let someone know, it's much easier to deal with red wine on the night rather then the next day.

  8. We are newbies, do we have to be interviewed?

    No, newbie nights are held to offer a gentle approach to entering into the scene.  Kimmi offers a Q&A workshops about attending parties - please check the events page for dates.

    It's recommended to attend a Social Drinks Night to dip your toe in first in a non playing environment.

  9. What do I need to bring?

    1. An open mind
    2. Your manners
    3. BYO Drinks and mixers
    4. Your smile

  10. What type of people go?

    Kimmi's is an UPMARKET venue for couples, playmates and swingles of all types and backgrounds come to parties. The average age of guests is between 25 - 55. We do not ask; nor do we require our guests to be a certain size, shape, income, education or profession.

    All couples, playmates and swingles are expected to be clean, dressed neatly, well mannered and very cheeky!

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