Play Party Glossary

Consent - Consent, Consent, and Consent!!! Consent can only be given if it is actually asked for. "May I....?" is SEXY and there's no greater pleasure than to know the person you're with actually wants your touch. Touching anyone without consent is violating their rights and their body. Please, just ask!

Soft Boundary Limits - A soft boundary may be explored if trust and presence is established first. For example, some women (and men!), love exploring anal play, but only once they are comfortable and feel safe and relaxed with the other person.

Hard Boundary Limits - A hard boundary is NOT to be questioned or crossed.

Newbies - Just dipping their toe.

Soft Swingers - Soft swingers want to enjoy sex with their own partners in the same space as other people having sex, but they may not want to do any partner swapping.

Swingers - Open to partner swapping.

Seasoned Swingers - Comfortable with partner swapping in an open/group scenario.

Bring-a-Friend (BAF) - Couples are welcome to invite a friend of any gender to attend a party.

Swingles - If you are single, this does not mean you're a swingle - it means you're single!  A swingle lives the lifestyle by choice, not circumstance. To be considered a swingle, you must have playmates or have had interactions with couples or groups.

Intro Night - These nights are arranged mainly for swingle males to meet with Kimmi personally to discuss boundaries and the etiquette of attending events and parties.  Attending an Intro Night is not a guarantee that an invitation to further events will be extended. 


"Any piece of clothing can be sexy, with a quietly passionate woman inside of it!"

Online Dating Glossary

NSA/Hook-ups - A once off meet - chat, meet, shag, leave! 

Fuck Buddy (A relationship) - Maybe that hook up actually felt good and you met a nice person who physically meets your needs. So, let's do that again! However, your relationship stays in the bedroom only and your meets are spontaneous.

Playmate (A relationship) - A fuck buddy with whom you now feel comfortable playing out erotic scenarios, because you have built trust and communicate well enough to feel safe with each other…Your relationship is still mainly kept to the bedroom.

Friends with Benefits (A relationship) - Ok, now we're actually friends! We communicate regularly and catch up outside of the bedroom too, maybe for a pub lunch or movie, and we may actually do the sleep over thing once we feel comfortable too.  You fully respect each other’s personal boundaries and still have separate lives.

Dating/Relationship - Met a cool person and you want to see where it goes.

Relationship - Emotions and the heart are definitely involved and family and friends are maybe shared.  There are lots of different types of relationships, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a view to settle down and get married with this person, but it does mean that your heart is involved and that you actually care more deeply about the person you’re interacting with.  Relationships need boundaries which are to be respected.