Kimmi's Play Party Etiquette

Consent - Consent, Consent, and Consent!!! Consent can only be given if it is actually asked for. "May I....?" is SEXY and there's no greater pleasure than to know the person you're with actually wants your touch.  Touching anyone without consent is violating their rights and their body. Please, just ask!

Unwanted attention - You are the only person who can decide whether you are comfortable with attention you receive. No one else can know what you are comfortable with, and it is your responsibility to make it known if you are receiving unwanted attention. This is an adult party, and it is assumed that you know your boundaries, and you are invited to express them and clearly. It is not beneficial for you or the others involved to say yes, or to say nothing only out of politeness - you must be able to verbalise your authentic yes, and your authentic no.

Please handle unwanted attention in a polite, but honest manner. In my experience people who attend parties do not want to upset or make anyone feel uncomfortable. Anyone hearing that they are edging someones boundaries should be grateful because:

  1. The person is honouring themselves, their rights and their body;
  2. No one wants to play with someone who is uncomfortable in the moment;
  3. People who only say yes to be polite - is not beneficial for them or you;
  4. They've changed their mind - and that's OK;

Someone expressing that their boundaries are been pushed/crossed - 'Thank you' is the only response. Thank that person for honouring themselves opposed to feeling rejected.

Anyone who thinks this is the time to attempt to coerce play please know that this behaviour is totally unacceptable and this is to be reported to Kimmi or one her Angels immediately - it's important this is handled on the night!

Respect neighbours - You're lucky enough to have the opportunity to play in a conveniently located playhouse only a few kms from Adelaide CBD so please do not make excessive noise.  When leaving in your cars please do so quietly, remember it could be very late.

** There is to be NO nudity or play outside **

Arrive and leave on time - There's a Kimmi's Door Angel waiting for you to tick your name off of the guest-list so please let Kimmi's know if you're intending on arriving late.

Spills, leaks and breakages - It happens, however it's a lot easier to either soak a sheet or attend to a red wine stain on the night, spills happens and that's ok.

Screamers and performers - You know who you are!  Now, we're not saying you can't have a good time and express yourself, however if you're making sounds so loud that all the dogs in the neighbourhood start howling, then you will be asked to be aware of your presence, and to respect our neighbours (and their dogs).

Intoxication/Drugs - we reserve the right to refuse entry to guests who arrive at or during a party intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Kimmi's would like to also remind all guests that excessive drinking is not acceptable.

Kimmi's Play House Rules

Open rooms - Consent is still required. If play has started with a group of people you do not have consent nor have you investigated those people's boundaries so please feel free to start your own play space or enjoy witnessing.

Closed rooms - Do not knock or open closed doors.  You're asked to leave a room how you would like to find it.  Each room has clean spare linen in the cupboard and please only occupy a closed room for no longer than an hour.

No cameras - taking photos or video footage at a party is not allowed under any circumstances.

Massage tables - Oil is availble - just ask.

Empty bottles - There are ample bottle bins inside.  There are none outside to help reduce loud glass noise and to respect neighbours.

Safe Sex - Lubricant and two (2) different sized condoms are in each room.  BYO non-latex condoms or your preferred brand or size or lubricant.

Colored condoms



"If you obey all society's rules, you miss out on all the fun!" Katherine Hepburn