Are you a lover of men?

Would you like to learn some more skills for the bedroom? Does your man need some relaxation? Do you want more confidence in the bedroom?

This workshop will give you the power to blow your partners mind amongst other things.

You will be shows techniques that will align sexual connections between the polarities. This is not about just giving a 'hand-job' -  it's so much more.

If you find yourself in the presence of a good man, who is worthy of your love and attention, then his cock is worthy of your love and attention too. Fill him with confidence about being the man that he is by touching him in a way that he feels honoured.

 No nudity or males will be present.


Partners have been known to be sitting at the front door waiting for you to get home!

 Words from previous participants

Thank you so much for your time!

The workshop was one of the most interesting and informative few hours of my life! It has opened my eyes to things that will most certainly bring my partner and I closer. You are one of a kind and I know that everyone who attends will be absolutely so glad they did. Life changing!

A *


Your workshop was amazing on so many levels and I am so glad I took the jump to attend. Still thinking about so many things and look forward to more workshops and attending some parties. You said you were nervous and unsure of hosting workshops but you were amazing and gave us so much, really keen to learn more. So thanks again and look forward to seeing you again.

Lots of love B*

(and a very happy husband who hasn't even had a cock worship date yet, will let you know how that goes!! - can't wait)


I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful informative day yesterday at your workshop.  Has been such a blessing meeting you & learning of your experiences.  This is the start of a great fun new path for me & I really look forward to it.  In time I look forward to becoming a swingle or playmate, wherever my path should lead now that I've broken myself open & awakened.

I look forward to many more workshops with you.


Don't be that guy!

Pleasuring Her Workshop

A lick here, a grab there, a poke and a prod, or rubbing a woman’s clitoris like it's a scratchy ticket, can put some women in a head space where they just want it to be over! 

What is seen in porn is far from pleasurable for a lot of women - don't be that guy!

Most men pride themselves on pleasing women - yet a lot women have not truly experienced purposeful touch by a man whose intention wasn't to penetrate after making the assumption she's ready.  Being wet is not a clear indicator that her body is ready to be penetrated - don't be that guy!

What turns one woman on may not be a winner with the next… However, there are some core principles that women's nervous systems truly require in order to fully allow her body to entirely receive what you're intending to give.

Being confident can improve how you hold yourself as a man, rather than going through the motions and hoping you're doing ok. As a man you can learn various techniques to arouse the body. Why not educate yourself on how to read her body, and visually see when she's completely 'her-erect' yes, ladies get erections too!

Learn some potent ways to drive her wild, encapsulate your presence and your touch - you so want to be THAT guy!


Pleasuring Her Workshops - Men Only


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