What is different about Elixir?

Kimmi’s Parties has been knowns as Adelaide Premier Adult Play party for the past 10 years and as a host we're forever reflecting on how we can make the experience safe, deeper and creative in ways for people to explore their sexuality.

As a host, and as I grow and change I feel like my events must grow with me so I can stay true to my vision and my event stay in integrity and align with my values and my intention as facilitation skills expand so that I can create a space for you too to also expand, as my guest.

For quite a number of years, there has been a feeling of personal disconnection between parties and how the execution of the play space that was being held, it was really hard to put my finger on what needed to change – without completely erasing the reputation that Kimmi’s was become known and loved for.

So, with this in mind, and following my own erotic desires and the next level of play gatherings ‘Elixir Events’ was created.

The Setting will be more like a gathering than a party, the atmosphere will be more erotic than sexual, the focus will be more on sexual empowerment than entertainment, the intention will be more honouring and witnessing than happy endings and watching – each night will have a theme, the rules will be different and they all will be communicated at the “Intro into Intrigue” foundation workshop. There will also be a aftercare Sunday session is for those who would like to reconnect with hosts, share and debrief on your experience.

Elixir is for people want to expand their sexuality from a place of vulnerability and authenticity and most all empowerment.

This party will have some different house rules to ensure that not only is the party HOT it will also be fun, intriguing and held in a safe space to ask for what you want! 



Who is Elixir for?

With the focus being on erotic Elixir is suitable for those who:

  • May be feeling soft and vulnerable and your body craves for connection and non-sexual but loving touch – Elixir welcomes you!
  • May desire to witness, observe and just appreciate the strong erotic energy that surrounds you, without participating – Elixir welcomes you!
  • May desire to be seen and witnessed by onlookers in your uninhibited expression of pleasure – Elixir welcomes you!
  • May relish in your naked or semi-naked body with movement or dance, feeling liberated by being appreciated for showing up as your beautiful and authentic self – Elixir welcomes you!
  • May enjoy the connection with others by approaching or being approached to giving or receiving pleasure knowing that you’re safe and desires will be fulfilled with integrity – Elixir welcomes you!
  • May have some fantasies that you would like to explore bring them to life - Elixir welcomes you!
  • Values the sprinkle of erotic spice as an enhancer to add flavour to your life - Elixir welcomes you!
  • Values and appreciate the social aspect as much if not more than the sexual - Elixir welcomes you!
  • May be looking to explore fantasy for the first time or over and over again – Elixir welcomes you!
  • May be curious to explore the conscious aspects of sensuality, eroticism and sacred sexuality. Elixir welcomes you!
  • May not identify as a man or a woman, you may be genderfluid, you may be bi, gay, pan or anything in-between. You may be yearning for a space where you find full acceptance of your truth and essence. Elixir welcomes you!

You are fully in control of how deep you go, everyone in the space will be able to accept, appreciate and navigate pleasure in a way that all who choose to play will all be able to speak with clarity and with conviction. The safe is created by attending ‘Intro to Intrigue’ foundation workshop of Elixir. This will still be a gender-balanced events and those who have attended the workshop will be included on a secret facebook group to find partners to attend with so the guest list is kept even. You do not have to play with the person you have attended with, it’s just about balance.