Somatic Sex Educator and Bodyworker

What is a Sexologist?

A person who has studied/studies human sexual life or relationships. Is there a better, more important area of study?!

What is a Somatic Sex Educator?

A sexologist specialising in the physical dimension of human sexual life as opposed to the mental aspects.

What is Bodyworker?

It is a form of therapy conducted under the guidance of a professionally certified Somatic Sexologist (Sexological Bodyworker).

What is the intended purpose or outcome of such therapy?

Persons receiving this unique form of therapy will be guided by the professional in the acquisition of the specific skills necessary for:

1) expanding their own awareness of their bodies and sensations of physical pleasure;

2) directing their own erotic development;

3) working through their own particular sexual issues and concerns.

How are these outcomes achieved?

A variety of instructive methods are used to assist with self-exploration, including breath work; touch; sound and movement; erotic massage; embodiment training; mapping; talk therapy; and Orgasmic Yoga coaching – mindful masturbation.

It is absolutely essential to note that the power in Somatic Sex Education and Bodywork truly lies with YOU, the recipient of the therapy.

Bodywork is NOT sex servicing. It is a therapeutic process - a powerful, yet safe, enjoyable way for you to begin taking full responsibility for yourself and your sexual development. You will be encouraged and supported to discover and speak your truth, to make empowering requests and to set and clearly communicate healthy boundaries for yourself. For these sessions to be effective, you must be completely ready to take responsibility for your own progress. You will first need to look closely at your current way of life and how you operate to create the results you are currently getting. Then, in the light of the therapy, make changes if the current results you are getting are not what you want. Sexological Bodywork is not a quick fix.

Bodywork sessions will NOT be performed under any circumstances on clients under the influence of mind altering substances, including alcohol, recreational drugs and prescription anti-depressants. This is due to the fact that many of these substances suppress and numb the body’s normal feelings, and the purpose of Bodywork is for you to specifically drop deeper into your feelings in order to explore yourself and your sexuality.  If you are currently prescribed anti-depressants, please, don’t stop taking them! You are not flawed, and there is no shame.  If you still want to explore your sexuality, it is important to know what you have been prescribed and your dosage, and what side-effects, if any, you believe you are experiencing.  Please contact Kimmi for a chat about these things prior to making a booking.  If Bodywork sessions may be impeded by your medication, you will provided some alternative recommendations on how to begin your journey.

Somatic Sex Educators Association Australasia (SSEAA) Member

The Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia is dedicated to enhancing the lives of people in our region by making quality sex education more available through supporting and promoting the profession of Somatic Sex Education and the practitioners in the field.

The SSEAA provides guidelines for the profession on minimum standards of training and adherence to a code of ethics and invites membership from suitably qualified Somatic Sex Educators to join either as a Professional Somatic Sex Educator or as an Associate.




As a Somatic Sex Educator (meaning working with the body), Kimmi and guide you to expand your skills and techniques to improve, explain or explore the following:

  • Intimacy and attraction;
  • General sexuality guidance;
  • Embodiment practices - increasing awareness of sensations of the body;
  • The Art of Touch;
  • Exploring erotic pleasures;
  • Mapping - informational, emotional, sensation, and pleasure mapping of intimate areas to awaken erotic pleasure potentials;
  • Mindful masturbation practices;
  • Porn Addiction;

Sessions specifically designed for virgins, less experienced, or shy people are also available to help them learn, explore, and discover the marvels of physical intimacy - at a pace that suits you.

In order to make a booking you are required to complete an extensive initial survey, which will include a clear statement of your intention, and desired personal outcomes from the session(s). Be bold! Be daring!

Bodywork is only provided when you as the client directly ask to receive therapy of a particular kind, and clearly express precise boundaries. Therefore it’s important to take the time to ask yourself what you need or want before applying for a session.

Kimmi as the bodyworker will also clearly state what is within her boundaries, and offer you alternatives with a big heart and quick mind. She’s open, she’s honest, and she wants to help you!

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