Swingles Guidelines

Swingles Criteria, You MUST:

  • Be single;
  • Be a confident communicator;
  • Be able to read body language;
  • Be easy going with a good sense of humour;
  • Be socially acceptable;
  • Be of neat and tidy appearance;
  • Be actively dating (couples and/or playmates);
  • Be Adelaide based;
  • Be respectful that this is a social event;
  • Be aware that play is not expected;

Still believe you are a genuine fit as a Kimmi’s Swingle:

Your first step is to attend Kimmi’s Swingles Intro Night. 

Once your booking has been confirmed please return the auto-reply with the following:

The address is only given to those to complete this process satisfactorily.

  • A clear picture (recent, clear, no hat, no sunglasses, no costumes);
  • Contact details;
  • A little bit about yourself and your experience;
  • Any references;
  • You intentions and reasons why you would like to be a swingle at Kimmi’s;

After you successfully have met all criteria, only then is an address and invitation offered – please know that attending an Intro Night is not a guarantee to attend an event, as this is dependent on the number of 'confirmed' swingles of the opposite gender attending. 

It’s important that Kimmi’s stays gender balanced.

This method has proven to be a very successful way to find suitable, respectful, and genuine swingles who understand what Kimmi's is about - a place to meet other open minded people in a social but playful atmosphere.

Couples are able to invite their favourite swingle to attend a party because they have already verified that the swingle is respectful, knows the rules, and the couple will take full responsibility for the swingles behaviour.

Swingles add flavour to a party and are there to enjoy Kimmi's as much as everyone else.


Swingle Male Intro Night

Swingle Male Intro Night

Please check Events and Bookings for dates.

Swingles Intro Night is a great opportunity to meet with Kimmi personally about all that is offered with parties, fantasies, workshops and events and all things sex, arousal and pleasure.

Held inner eastern suburbs and usually on a weeknight from 7pm.




"You can't eat pasta every night, without changing the sauce"